Recent Features that Social Media brought for the benefit of convenience

Recent Features that Social Media brought for the benefit of convenience

Community Management Trends from May 25 to June 1, 2018.

Social media has got to the point where it helps us as an everyday tool. Aside from socializing, we experience more convenience through the features of such networks.

Here are some trends in community management.

1. How community manager can weather the fake news wave

May 25, 2018

Summary: A brand is responsible for taking care of its own community, which includes the moderation of fake negative news. By creating guidelines for your platforms, it will allow businesses to take appropriate action against certain behavior and evoke trust within the community. Responding to any crisis in an efficient timeframe will reduce the effect that fake news will have to an online platform and the community will “weather the fake news wave” to come out stronger on the other side.

2. St. Louis County officials use app to keep community safe

May 25, 2018

Summary: Saint Louis County Officials will now be using the Next Door app to relay important information. Currently, some of the residents are already using the app to share information with emergencies happening in their area. The emergency management officials see the app with great potential in aid of faster information drive relating to natural disasters or other weather and hazardous related facts.

3. Verizon launches first Asian innovation-community space in Singapore

May 28, 2018

Summary:  Verizon Communications, in collaboration with JustCo, had successfully launched their first Asian innovation-community hub in Singapore. This innovation hub will focus on five key areas; cyber security, fintech/blockchain, digital media, internet of things, and robotic process automation/artificial intelligence. The goal of the innovation-community space is to act as a hub in bringing together vibrant tech community to innovative and collaborative learning.

4. 14th CIGF addresses data protection and the impact of social media

May 29, 2018

Summary: Shortly after the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) took effect, the 14th Caribbean Internet Governance Forum (CIGF) convened to discuss the positive and negative effects of social media as well as the impact of GDPR to Caribbean companies. Nowadays, the rapid growth of social media is raising concerns related to digital and physical security, privacy, ethics and morality, psychology, and social structure. This forum aims to promote a more secure, resilient and effective data management in the age of social media.

5. Verint Only Company Recognized by Gartner in Both 2018 Magic Quadrants for the CRM Customer Engagement Center and Workforce Engagement Management

May 30, 2018

Summary:  Customer Engagement company Verint Systems Inc. is included in the newly published Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center report by Gartner. In this report, Verint’s Engagement Management solution was evaluated on 15 criteria, across two key areas which are “ability to execute” and “completeness of vision”. The company was also named as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management* research earlier this year.

6. Four ways social media management software is transforming CX

June 1, 2018

Summary: Social media’s position at the core of CX strategies or initiatives is often underestimated, with many Australian companies contesting its function. Investing in social media management software can bring tangible benefits and can have a positive impact on a company’s profits. By measuring new followers, engagement rate, reach, and clicks, it can tell a business what kind of content is compatible with their market. Analysing these metrics on a regular basis paints a clear picture of brand successes and challenges.

Undeniably, social media owns and continues to develop features that can bring us favors but it can also create a negative impact. Moderating the online community from a customer support perspective is thus important for businesses today.


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