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Helping out users is what we do best. At adish, we believe in the importance of communication with the user to provide the best experience that was intended to be provided. Together with clients, we like to work together to organize information, construct operation flows; down to hand crafting every response. In a day and age where automation and artificial intelligence takes over, we like to use technology to lessen mistakes and optimize operations but not to replace the human touch. It is not about a ticket, but a conversation. Our experienced agents will use their knowledge and skills to solve issues and use communication as a way of building trust and loyalty, no matter the language or product.

the adish way

Provide multilingual 365-day customer support with us. Our experienced teams can provide high quality customer support regardless of language, ensuring a response within 24 hours. We have provided support for over 1,000 apps since 2010.

  • Multilingual, 365days

    Multilingual, 365days
    Easily cover major languages, and provide native support to yours users during the days and hours you need. Just some examples of the languages we cover are English, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Korean, Filipino (Tagalog, Visayan), Indonesian, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Armenian, Arabic and more…
  • Experienced in Tools

    Experienced in Tools
    With an experience of using most customer support tools, we are able to conduct operations continuing the use of your favorite tools. We are also able to provide the necessary tools that are needed for organized customer support with no additional cost (Original mailer and Porto). Here are some examples of the tools we use:
Mailers HelpShift, Desk, RightNow, MailWise, Zendesk and more..
Escalating tools Redmine, Jira, Porto (self-developed tool)

We should be your #1 fan

In providing support, we believe that being a fan of the service or product. That’s why we assign people with passion. We find it important for agents to be familiar with the app both from the viewpoint of the client, and also as a user. Knowing the app helps agents understand the users: their questions and emotions. Along with this, having the responsibility and ability represent the client allows for our agents to navigate the best solution.

  • High Quality

    Conversation marketing & Online Reach Out
    At adish, we have a Quality Control division, that is separate to the operating teams. From training reading skills, conducting typing tests and random testing, we make sure that all agents are providing quality work of the same high standard.
  • Low Attrition

    Monitoring/ Web Crawling
    Within an industry renowned for high attrition rates, our attrition rate is at one digit. Our agents work long term, meaning they are there for the entire journey with clients, able to build up knowledge and skills, instead of repeating the training process.
  • Scalability

    Conversation marketing & Online Reach Out
    Basic training of all agents and management of data allows for agents to easily be assigned to growing projects. With five operating centers in total that are able to collaborate simultaneously, it is easy to both grow and shrink your team according to ticket needs.

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Multilingual Support

Our customer support can be provided by native speakers of over 20 languages. We also take care of any escalations or materials that need to be translated, and hire bilingual supervisors to manage operations.

Contract Types Dedicated teams, shared teams(contracted by ticket number)
Channels Phone, emails, chat, social media(Facebook, messenger, Twitter, LINE, Naver)
Languages Japanese, English, Chinese(Mandarin, Cantonese), Korean, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian…and more
Platforms AppStore, GooglePlay, amazon, Steam, GREE, mobage, Yahoo!mobage, mixi, PS, console and PC games, and more
Mailer Tools TechnomarkMail, MatchContactSolutions, RightNow, MailDealer, MailWise, Zendesk, HelpShift and more
Escalation Tools Redmine, Jira, Porto (self-developed tool)
Client Communication Slack, chatwork, Skype etc

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