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Social media has changed the way companies can interact with their users, and has grown to be an official means of communication for this day and age. We share our thoughts and experiences online, reaching out to companies and celebrities at a much flatter level than ever before. But of course, along with positive comments there are also come negative ones. The key to using social media wisely is by building a positive community. Not only posting contents, but creating a conversation – and really listening to users – is a sure way to improve one’s reputation and positive attention, as well as retain current users. At adish, we can help you do this by managing your content posting and comment replying. We can help users on the spot, direct them to customer support or thank them for their presence. Let us support you in creating a well-supported online community of fans.

Maximize CLV through Social Media

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Aside from customer support, social media is another important point of direct contact with users, that can be used not only for communication but marketing and branding. However, social media can also be one of the most challenging in terms of operating, as keeping users happy and attracted with comments and updates is not an easy task. Content can go viral, positively or negatively in an instant. At adish, we have the knowhow to create a community that can retain active users and increase followers and new users, without getting in to trouble.

Optimal Community Management

At adish, we can help you out with all the tasks needed to manage your social media community. Whether you need a temporary helping hand or would like us to provide a total solution, we are there for you. For total solutions, we are able to reduce your time spent on social media down to 5 hours per month. Let us know your thoughts and ideas, and we can work together to create the best content – from wording, tone graphics – to post.

Research Whether it’s trends or user behavior, we can conduct the social media research needed.
Monitoring Don’t have time to read every comment? A 24 hour support team will monitor each and every single comment on your social media. According to your social media policy, we can hide and report any inappropriate content.
Active Support Any hashtags or keywords that need to be checked, or comments to be replied can be done actively.
Management With a thorough analysis of results and findings, we make sure to employ the PDCA cycle to keep improving and optimizing workflow.
Writing We will create appropriate contents to post depending on the target audience, media used, trends and purpose.
Graphic Localization We will localize and culturalize all graphics and content to the target audience.
Consulting Want to reduce costs? Want to know what your target audience wants? With our knowledge base and case studies, we can consult your social media operations.

Don’t go viral for the wrong reasons! Social Media Management


Contents go viral in an instance. We can help you keep in the know of what users are talking about online about you or your product through social listening. This means monitoring sites and tracking hashtags; finding comments that could spark disaster. From creating a social media policy and guidelines, to consulting on how to deal with social media outrages; adish has the know how. For 24 hours, whether a bug outrages users in the middle of the night, or a false review is posted, or trolling takes over your comment section; Our monitoring and alert services will locate and escalate, so that damages can be controlled before it’s too late.

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