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Localization & QA


To provide the best user experience, debugging and localization is a must. Assure the quality of functions and interfaces through quality tests, and have native speakers take care of localization. We will help you provide a smooth, understandable experience by providing test groups and translators with the right skills and experience.

Languages Provided English, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Korean, Filipino (Tagalog, Visayan), Indonesian, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Armenian, Arabic and more…

Quality Assurance

Worry no more about bugs or compatibility issues! Have our testers take over the debugging process to assure the quality of your app before it is released. With flexibility in arranging testers all over the world, regardless of time zone or place, we will make sure that your app is operating optimally before release.


  • Concept Localization

    Concept Localization
    Just like the color red can mean love, anger, happiness, mourning or prosperity in different parts of the world – cultures have complex nuances. From the concept phase, we can consult with cultural differences, whether it be a storyline, a message, or graphic taste.
  • Text Localization

    Text Localization
    Everyone knows that feeling of awkwardness of when a translation is a little bit off. When we localize text, we make sure that all nuances are translated, expressed in a native tone and vocabulary, and also fits into and space restrictions; whatever that language may be.
  • Audio Localization

    Audio Localization
    From music to conversation, we can provide localization of any audio material. With native and experienced voice actors, we make sure to adapt any audio correctly to fit a different language and audience, without losing the original touch and message.
  • Translations

    Localization is not just simply translating text into other languages. For example, with games, it is necessary to translate all aspects including language, culture, customs and the environment in order to provide an enjoyable experience for the player. We offer translation services for over 50 different languages, including esoteric languages. Never let language be an issue for you and your users.
  • Linguistic Tests & Creative Texts

    Linguistic Tests & Creative Texts
    Literal translations are never enough. Our team can conduct tests to determine whether the correct wording and toning, from slang to formal is ideal for your targeted audience. Our localization services are not just about text. We can also create and modify marketing materials, like banners, appropriately so that foreign users don’t feel left out.
  • Voice Localization

    We can provide voice and music localization suited to your target audience. If you need Japanese ANIME voice actors, we are able to introduce actors and agencies!

    • Music Composition / Production (Soundtracks, Adverts, Trailers, Sound logos, etc)
    • Music Licensing / Music Publishing and Distribution
    • Orchestration / Arranging
    • Sound Design
    • Multilingual Voice Acting (including: Localization voice acting and adaptation)
    • Voice Design (character/monster vocalizations, etc)
    • Vocal Direction / Recording Session Direction
    • Technical Audio Implementation
    • Audio-related Education and Consultation for Service Providers

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