Having trouble breaking into the Japanese app market?

Customer Success for Japan


Japan seems to be a mystery in many ways, but it doesn’t have to be with adish!

Break through the Japanese app market by making use of our services to optimize your app for the Japanese native audience.

We provide the following:

  • Culturalization and Localization by native locals
  • Consultation, Planning and Operation for CLV specific to Japanese targets
  • Providing customer success for 27% of the Top Global 52 Grossing Game Publishers
  • Quality Japanese customer support with an experience of over 1,000 products

Customer Success

We have provided over 1,000 cases of customer success solutions for games, apps and services, and know how it all works. As a Japanese company knowing the Japanese market and local users, we create solutions so that we can turn users into “fans”, achieving a low churn rate. adish has also helped in global expansion providing multilingual services. We think we are on the right track – with 98% of our clients continuing partnerships with us.

adish Customer Success Support

Solve user issues, trun negativity into positivity.




Client service / product

Customer Success


Social Media and other
Community Sites

Increase loyalty, attract new users and nurture fans.

Customer Support

Localization & QA

Customer Activation

Social Media Management

  • Customer Activation

  • Social Media Management

  • Localization & QA

  • Customer Support

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