Retain users and their loyalty through CLV

Customer Activation


From consulting to operating, adish can help with UI improvements, marketing strategies for user attraction and attrition and organization of workflows. We work with our clients to pursue the cycle of customer success, and grow their business together. We are in together for the process of growth that starts from ideas to execution, then moving onto reflection, and back to ideas to continue striving for more success.

Analysis and Improvement Consultation for User Retention and Monetization



As a Japanese company, KAIZEN or continuous improvement, is part of our company DNA. Through conducting PDCA cycles, we can identify points of improvement through a professional analysis of user movement. We then consult, strategize and execute actions with our clients to maximize the product and service.

What We Do

Access Analysis Analyze data, such as times of app access and user movements
Setting KPIs Set the correct KPIs to measure to identify points of improvement
Retention Analysis Analyze user retention rates and reasons
Funnel Analysis Monitor user movements on the app, and understand the points that lead to retention
App Store Optimization Optimize SEO on iOS App Store or Google Play based on trends and metrics.
Operation Operate push notifications, newsletters and advertisements

※Data analysis will be conducted with the use of Repro.

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