Top Downloaded Apps across the globe
September 2017 Ranking

Top Downloaded Apps across the globeSeptember 2017 Ranking

Various game apps get released every month in the global app market, and there are two apps that had a rapid increase in the downloading numbers.

The top downloaded app in the Apple App Store for September 2017 was “Flip Master”, which was themed after trampoline; the second in the ranking was “Homescapes”, an app that was a combination of puzzle and stories.

This time, we will be talking about the reasons for the popularity of these apps.

"Flip Master" is a trampoline game app. The ability to record your own play and show it to the world is what makes it so popular!

The company that developed “Flip Master” is called “Miniclip”, it is a Sweden game development company, in the past it has produced a new sense puzzle game “” and it was a big hit all over the world. This time, “Flip Master” was a continuation of another game in the same series, the cliff diving game “Flip Diving” that was released in March last year and had 7000 downloads.

The characteristics of “Flip Master” include trampoline’s various and tricky techniques, as well as the ability to make your own character do those cool performance. In addition, when you have proceeded further in the game, you will be able to unlock new skills, choose different locations and customize your character and so on to expand the things you can do with the game.

One of the biggest reason of the popularity of this game is that it is not just a single-play game, you can actually record your character’s play and “show” it to your friends. The users would be stimulated by the other players’ cool performance and tricky skills and be motivated to improve and proceed further in the game. More and more new users are getting attracted by this trend as a result.

If sorted by country, the top downloaded country would be the US which took up to 36% of the total number. The second followed was England which had 14% of the share. This was a game that gained huge popularity in the European and American countries.

September 2017 Apple App Store Global Market
Game Category Download Ranking Top 5

Source: PRIORI DATA, Apple App Store, September 2017, Global; Data provided by Interarrows Inc.
Source: PRIORI DATA, Apple App Store, September 2017, Global; Data provided by Interarrows Inc.

"Homescape" is a game app that has combined puzzle and story together Japan had the top downloads if sorted by country

Although “Homescape” is a simple match 3 puzzle game, different from other puzzle games, the coins you obtained from solving puzzles can be used in the game story.

For example, you can use the coins you got from clearing the puzzles to reform the protagonist’s house, fix the rooms in the house and just enhance the interior in general. If you proceed further in the game, you will be able to unlock new chapters and experience even more exciting story features. This way, by combining the puzzle game and the story, “Homescape” has gained its huge popularity.

Apart from the above, another feature would be that the story proceeds with animation, so that you are not just solving the puzzle. The animations are inserted with just the right timing so that users do not get bored so easily.

The company that developed this game was a Russian company called “Playrix”. The game is from the same series as “Gardenscapes”, a game that was released in June 2016 and had a huge hit globally. In the iOS version download ranking, Japan was the top out of all countries with a download of 1.2 million up to September this year. The second country in the ranking was the US, with China followed as the third.


“PRIORI DATA” is a company that analyses data from the smartphone app market, it was founded in 2013, and the headquarters are in Berlin, Germany. It provides all downloading number and sales amount data of the ranked apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

They are able to provide data up to 57 countries, all data categories including game/sub category. The price is also very reasonable even for start-up game development companies, and they also have free trials. In Japan, it has been adopted as the official mobile data for “2016CESA Game White Paper” edited by the CESA; “Smartphone White Paper” edited by Mobile Content Forum and the “Famitsu Mobile Game Hakusho”. From June this year, they have also added the data for ASO (App Store Optimization).

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