Smart Strategies for “everyone’s” betterment

Smart Strategies for “everyone’s” betterment

Customer Success Trends from April 24 to May 3, 2018.

Setting goals are important before starting as it affects your growth, but taking a pivot for your customers’ betterment could help you avoid failures.

Take a look at these trends that may give you smart strategies.

1. Catalyst brothers find capital success with $2.4M from True

April 24, 2018

Summary: A New York-based company, founded by brothers Edward and Kevin Chiu, Catalyst, aims to rebuild customer success with an integrated software platform starting from the bottom. The idea started when Edward Chiu wanted to match the product experience of using DigitalOcean with the experience of using its internal customer success tools but nothing on the market fit. With this, the two decided to build their own tool and showed it to a bunch of other customer success leaders they are connected with. They started to go their own path, away from DigitalOcean, after the 20th customer success leader who told them that they wanted the platform. Unlike any other startup, Catalyst who originally only targeted a fundraise of $750,000, ended up with a quick capital success of $2.4 million.

2. Tricentis Customer Success Program Transforms Software Testing into a Catalyst for Innovation

April 25, 2018

Summary: Tricentis, provider of the industry’s number one Continuous Testing platform, has expanded its global Customer Success Services to support the company’s 800+ global customers on DevOps and digital transformation initiatives. They will explore together with customers and partners worldwide to show that advanced automated testing is a true business asset and catalyst for innovation. Tricentis also aims to drop the belief that legacy software testing technologies fail to provide sustainable and scalable automation since a tool alone cannot guarantee testing process transformation.

3. Streamlined Issue Resolution a Key to Reducing Wireless Carriers’ Churn, J.D. Power Finds

April 26, 2018

Summary: J.D. Power 2018 Canada Wireless Customer Care Study showed that 32% of customers indicated that it took a lot of effort to resolve a recent problem with their wireless carrier, while 41% who encountered hurdles in the resolution process are considering—or have decided—to switch their provider. This means that the amount of effort that is required from a customer to resolve an issue is a significant factor in building brand impression and customer satisfaction. Therefore, putting a greater emphasis on streamlining the customer care experience and making it as effortless as possible is what Canadian carriers should do.

4. HubSpot Alum Aims to Give Customers a Voice with Latest Venture

April 26, 2018

Summary: Former Head of Creative & Design at HubSpot and Chief Product Officer at Firecracker, Keith Frankel, announced the launch of Parlay, his newest venture founded in 2017 by 3 technical co-founders. Parlay is a Customer Collaboration Platform designed to give customers a direct say in the development of the digital products they use. It was presented publicly for the first time at the Collision Conference – “America’s fastest growing tech conference” (Forbes) – as part of the semi-finals of its startup pitch competition.

5. LeanData Marketing Attribution Customer Success Gains Momentum

May 1, 2018

Summary: The leader in Lead-to-Account Matching, Routing and Marketing Attribution, LeanData has made more than 70 high-growth brands since its launch, through the implementation of their Marketing Attribution product. LeanData will unveil more new features to further enhance the product including Full Custom Weighting capabilities and Time Decay attribution modeling, later this year.

6. From Advocates to Evangelists — Determine, Inc. Drives Customer Success Through New Customer Advocacy Program

May 3, 2018

Summary: Determine, Inc. launched its Customer Advocacy Program, at the Determine West Region User Group, in Washington, DC, on June 12th, 2018. This is the next stage of the company’s rapidly expanding Customer Success initiative. The program institutes a quantifiable, repeatable and extensible framework for establishing and measuring the value customers are achieving through their Determine Cloud Platform.

7. How Indian Airports Are Turning To AI For Better Customer Success

May 3, 2018

Summary: An Air Transport IT Trends Insights report was released by SITA, a company providing IT and telecommunication services to the air transport industry. The study revealed that 80 percent of airline companies will invest in major programs or R&D into prediction and warning systems which will rely heavily on AI. In more than 1,000 airports around the globe, SITA provides help on the use of technology like AI to airports and airlines. SITA is already helping several Indian airports, predicted to be the third-largest aviation market by 2025, to better manage their baggage, passenger processing as well as its operations. Moreover, they already introduced 100 percent biometric air travel in the country and would expand their baggage management solution to 15 of its airports.


The following trends shared came from the cited articles. Credits belong to their respective owners, websites, and organizations.