Increase Brand Awareness: Be known, Be felt, Be understood

Increase Brand Awareness: Be known, Be felt, Be understood

Mobile phones have been a necessary part of our daily lives. We have numerous apps used for entertainment, as our personal assistant, or as a social interaction tool. People have become so busy, that they barely have the attention span to focus on the details of each and every app in front of them. This factor, plus the competition between different brands on the market would leave you at a tight spot where all you can do is hope that someone, somewhere, notices you.

What are the things that people notice the most? How are you going to increase brand awareness?

Okay, we do have our five senses, but we are absolutely sure that your audience couldn’t taste, nor smell, your brand especially if it is posted online, like on a social networking site, but they could see, hear or feel what you are offering. So how does this exactly work? We present to you some alternatives to stimulate and pique their interest.

1. Let them SEE your product through images. It is a known fact that images express more than what words can, but make sure that the image you just uploaded tells a clear, well-defined description of your intention or product. Social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram have user-friendly platforms that are made available to more than 1 billion users.

2. HEAR what they have to say. Being one-sided and reluctant in adapting to your customers’ needs and demands are a no-no as companies nowadays begin to shift from product-centricity to customer-centric approaches. Do what it takes – sit down and talk with them, call or send an email – to know what they have in mind. In emails, Customer Satisfaction Scores are one of the most powerful tools to know how they see you. Analyze where the perfect scores came from and turn them into habits to get rid of unsatisfactory scores.

3. Make them FEEL that they are the top priority. Touch their hearts with your warm and accommodating replies. This is not limited to mushy, overly amenable ways of replying, but it also includes the essence of time. In adish, almost 23% of users who gave positive feedback are pleased with timely responses. Getting a 24/7 customer support or hotline can perhaps give you an instant 2 out of 10 users’ favorable rating.

4. Give them a TASTE of what you can offer. A few samples of your works won’t hurt, or in fact, even promote your business. Remember that the goal is to lure them into your space by showing them the potential that you have. This can come in the form of blogs, articles, movie clips or images.

5. Lastly, let them enjoy the SMELL of success. Your audience’s first reaction would be “What’s in it for me?”, and you have to address this question in a matter of seconds or they will look for it someplace else. Again, a lot of people value time, and results. According to our research in 2017, 79.6% of the time, they react positively when given what they need and as a service provider, you need to capitalize on that fact.

Use different resources like your customer support, your social media managers, or even the action happening on your websites to create forecasts on future trends to stay on top of the game. Of course, it is a given that you get competitive ones to achieve your desired outcomes.

What do these all mean? It means put your customers first, and think from their perspective. Think of what they would like, what would excite and motivate them so they would impart some of their precious time to you.