Customer Care Solution Trends to Strengthen your Customer Experience

Customer Care Solution Trends to Strengthen your Customer Experience

Customer Support Trends from August 6 to 10, 2018.

These days, customers are more demanding and want to be gratified instantly upon reaching your support team. For them to be assisted immediately, having a competitive customer care solution is a good means of helping, as well as retaining them. Here are the news and articles about how brands delivered their customer care solution in order to strengthen their customer experience.

1. Microsoft will continue Skype 'classic' support after negative customer feedback

August 6, 2018

Summary: Microsoft has announced that they will be discontinuing the support for Skype 7(classic) on Sept 1, 2018. Microsoft is encouraging its users to switch to the new Skype 8. However, due to negative customer feedback, the termination date of Skype 7 will be delayed. Many of the complaints about Skype 8 is the mandatory upgrade to its new service and user Interface which is very similar to Windows 8. The Skype classic will be continued to be supported until Microsoft decides to integrate the much-loved qualities of the Skype Classic to Skype 8.

2. Limitless Unveils AI-Based LimitlessLiveMessenger™ to Provide World-Class Customer Service

August 7, 2018

Summary: The UK based SaaS platform provider Limitless has announced its latest product, “LimitlessLiveMessenger™.” It is a nonsynchronous messaging product which could be easily deployed on any website and can provide businesses a direct access to Limitless’ on-demand Crowd Service® platform. Limitless uses AI solutions to help brands achieve their targets. Customers will be redirected to an on-demand Crowd Service Ambassadors and run into a complex inquiry. LimitlessLiveMessenger™ delivers a plug-and-play solution, which brands can deploy for a few minutes to open vast resources and attract new pools of skilled talent within their own customer base.

3. Bankwest touts customer satisfaction rise with new in-app messaging service

August 7, 2018

Summary: Bankwest launches a new in-app messaging that enables customer support across multiple devices. The new Bankwest in-app messaging allows its customers to communicate by using a device and may continue the conversation over other mobile devices they log their account into. Since the app was launched, Bankwest reported an increase in their customer retention and customer support staff’s productivity and reduction in their cost.

4. Customers Rank Verint Highest in Overall Product Satisfaction in DMG Consulting Report on Intelligent Virtual Agent Solutions

August 8, 2018

Summary: Verint System has announced that it received the top customer satisfaction score for product satisfaction and product effectiveness score among five vendors who offered solutions to contact centers and enterprises. The Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant, is a Self-Service Platform which uses AI and machine learning to provide personalized solutions based on its user’s provided information. Businesses will greatly benefit because it can now provide self-service support across all channels, a higher efficiency rate in productivity, and lower escalation rate.

5. Human Services eyes a future of citizen service delivery via virtual assistants

August 8, 2018

Summary: Charles McHardie, Australia’s DHS CIO pictures his department operating with virtual assistants for providing service to the citizens, as working with it can help them move forward and can give people a more customized experience. The CIO also stated that they have been utilizing their AI performance and most of the questions they receive are being answered by one of it.

6. ​Ribbon Partners with to AI Enable Kandy Solutions

August 10, 2018

Summary: Ribbon has partnered with for integrating voice AI platform into their cloud-based communications platform Kandy. The partnership’s purpose is to enhance employee productivity and customer engagement. The said AI Platform is capable of handling business interactions and to engage in a human-like conversation.

7. Scheels Partners with DEG for Salesforce Customer Service Solutions

August 10, 2018

Summary: Scheels has cooperated with a digital agency in bringing digital marketing experience to a higher level. DEG will provide Salesforce Service Cloud and their customer care solution to the company for a more effective service, and for their customers to have a better shopping experience.

The need in the market changes from time to time and it is pivotal for a company to adapt the market demands. One way of doing it is to make sure that your business is well-fitted into what the current market requires.


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